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  • Where are you located?
    Our design studio is located in the small town of Lovettsville, VA.
  • Do you do wedding favors?
    Yes! Keep in mind that soap takes a minimum of six weeks to cure before use. Otherwise, definitely keep us in mind for all of your wedding needs!
  • Are your products vegan?
    Some of our products are vegan! Each item that does not contain animal products is marked vegan in the listing. Please note that some tools are shared between creations of vegan and nonvegan products. Those tools are, however, thoroughly cleaned after each use!
  • Do your products have allergens?
    Because of the wide range of allergens in existence, it is virtually impossible to declare any product allergen free. Please take note of the ingredient list of each item to determine your personal allergen risk. Also note that we make and store all products in the same facility. If you have severe allergies, please be safe and refrain from purchasing. We'd rather you be healthy than make a sale!
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